"The best first gift a woman can give her baby is a healthy home for the 40 weeks of pregnancy, " said Amanda Nicols, a physician at The Woman's Clinic. We suggest starting with a thorough check-up that includes a medical history and lifestyle evaluation. And don't forget daily prenatal vitamins.

Once you become pregnant of course the care should become more vigilant. The gynecologists at The Women’s Clinic strive to maintain your health and health of your baby. They screen and monitor for any high-risk conditions and also spend time educating you and your family about pregnancy, birth and early parenting. It's easy to take pregnancy and birth for granted, but there's really a lot that goes into it.

The decision to have a baby is personal and life changing. If you are contemplating becoming pregnant you may have many questions and concerns such as: Is this the right time? Am I financially ready? While many of these decisions will be ones only you can answer, there are some questions and decisions that can be handled by your gynecologist. If you are planning to become pregnant soon, now is the time to consider your health and creating a healthy physical environment for your baby.

Most of our patients have many questions that arise during the course of their pregnancy. We provide this handbook to cover those most frequently asked.

The Woman's Clinic Pregnancy Handbook