Breast Health

Across all LifeStages there are some things we all have in common...and some worries that we all share. Breast Cancer is one of those common threads. There is so much publicity and discussion on Breast Health spread all over the internet - some of it not correct - we want to provide one place where our patients can come and get the right information.

From breast self exams to when should I start having mammograms to what to do if your mammogram comes back with an irregularity; your Doctor at The Woman's Clinic wants to make sure that you are fully informed of your options.

The Call No Woman Wants To Get

As much as you might really like your OB/GYN you really don't want to get a phone call that starts off "This is Doctor...."

Then when it is followed by "there is an abnormality in your recent mammogram" it can make your head spin, you may not hear anything else. We are here to tell you to take a deep breath. Once a radiologist detects an abnormality there are some steps that have to happen - your Doctor will schedule an ultrasound, another mammogram or a compression mammogram. These tests determine if there is a need for a biopsy.

The good news is that the odds are in your favor - only five percent to 15 percent of screening mammograms require more testing such as additional mammograms or ultrasound. Most of these tests turn out to be normal. If there is an abnormal finding, a follow-up or biopsy may have to be performed. Most of the biopsies confirm that no cancer was present.