​2015 has been a year of positive change for me.

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​2015 has been a year of positive change for me.

2015 has been a year of positive change for me.

I celebrated my one year IP life change! It's hard to believe it's been a whole year. I will tell you that Ideal Protein has been the best thing I have done for myself, ever. The personal benefits are almost too numerous to name, but I'll give it a try. So here's a few.

To date, I've lost 91 pounds! I can hardly believe it!! My original goal was to lose 100 pounds in a year, and although I didn't reach that number, I'm still proud of what I've done. I hope to be the Woman's Clinic first 100 pounds lost so stay tuned for when I reach that level.

I'm amazed at the confidence boost this has given me. This has helped me in all areas of my life. It's given me the freedom to try new things that I wouldn't have before.

Wardrobe changes are in order. I'm down several sizes and have had to learn how to shop differently. Instead of my weight determining my style, I can now create my style. It's been so much fun shopping for new clothes and seeing how good I look in them.

The positive reinforcement I receive from friends, peers, clients, church members, and family always gives me a special boost to keep losing. It's really cool when someone comes up to me that I don't personally know and congratulates me on the weight loss. I guess that shows that you never know who's watching you.

I actually enjoy having my picture taken too. For so long I was ashamed of how much weight I had gained that I avoided the camera. I guess if I saw a picture I had to acknowledge how out of control I had let myself go. It was not pretty and did not elicit any good feelings. I think I suffered from "foolemia". I call it that because I was fooled in to thinking I'm not that bad, a huge denial that enabled me to continue to my bad behavior.

So I'm looking for even more amazing things to come in 2016! My New Years wish for you is to step out and have the courage to make changes in your personal health. Try IDEAL PROTEIN, the benefits are AWESOME!!

Happy New Year to you all!! Becky

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