My Ideal Protein Journey

|   May 23, 2017   |   Health & Wellness, Ideal Protein

My Ideal Protein Journey

My name is Karen Harper. I have struggled with weight since my upper 30s, but I am a new person now.

I taught preschool for 16 years so I was active, exercised regularly, and changed my diet to eliminate fried foods, casseroles, and limited desserts to a rare treat, but my weight continued to rise. It took 4 years of testing to diagnose a problem with my thyroid. After thyroid surgery and medication I felt so much better but the weight problems continued. I went to work full time in an office and after 6 years working behind a desk, my weight had increased to 189 lbs. I was obese and unhappy with the condition of my health. I tried 2 or 3 different diets, would lose a few pounds, plateau, and never reach my goal weight and would quite often regain a lot of the weight, so my frustration with my weight continued to build.

I am a Christian and prayed regularly for strength to avoid temptations and turned to God for relief from the pain of my struggles with my weight. I truly believe the Ideal Protein program offered by The Woman's Clinic was an answer to prayer. I won't say the program has been easy, but because it works I will say it's been the easiest. I saw positive results week after week. I started the program on June 27, 2016, at 183 lbs and as of March 7, 2017, I now weigh 123 lbs and am very close to reaching my ideal weight. Working with the dietitian, Karen Johnson, has been a blessing and an encouragement. Within the next couple of weeks I should be entering phase 2 of the program, and I look forward to soon entering phase 4 maintenance and working with Karen to maintain my weight at desired levels.

I wish to say a huge "thank you" to The Woman's Clinic for offering their patients this opportunity, and I encourage others who truly wish to lose weight to give the Ideal Protein program a try!

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