Finding Success With Ideal Protein

|   September 28, 2017   |   Health & Wellness

Finding Success With Ideal Protein

The Woman’s Clinic is very proud of our latest successful Ideal Protein participant, Lana Odom! Let’s hear Lana’s story in her own words. 

Lana’s Story

My good friend, Becky, began the Ideal Protein program about a month before I started. She is the person who encouraged me to get started. I watched as she began to lose pounds, and I was ready to do whatever was required. I had great confidence in the fact that my doctor's office supported a nutritionist.

It took me a while to understand the protocol and structure of the program, but once I did, I really began to shrink. I have lost an average of 2 pounds each week. My goal is to go down in dress sizes, not pounds. I'm getting closer to my goal every day. Since November, I've lost 34 pounds!

The most encouraging thing to me is my overall health. My arthritic knees are so much better. I went for physical therapy right as I started Ideal Protein. I can climb steps and stand up easily. My labs are fabulous. I see an internist, rheumatologist, gynecologist, and all report very strong labs. The internist thought I might be diabetic on my last visit. Wow!

If you are serious about losing weight and improving your health, I certainly recommend this health management program. It is so much more than a diet. Accountability, encouragement, and education all play a part. Keep a journal, watch the videos, plan, control, eat, eat, eat, and you will lose weight.

If you're interested in beginning your journey to overall better health, make an appointment with Karen, our registered dietitian and Ideal Protein expert. Take your next step today!

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