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The Breast Center at The Woman’s Clinic now offers 3D mammograms that provide the clearest images and promise quick, clear results.

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Clear Images

There are features only a 3D mammogram can provide. Features that could save your life.
  • Clear Images that make tumors easy to spot
  • Ability to see layers of dense tissue normally hidden in 2D images
  • Curved paddles that cradle your breast rather than smash them
  • Earlier diagnosis of smaller cancers often missed in other forms of screening
  • Accuracy that leads to fewer false positives

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Clear Results

3D mammograms provide clear images, which in turn provide clear results. 

We take one step further to ensure your peace of mind by partnering with the radiologists of the Women’s Imaging Associates in Birmingham. 

These women specialize in breast imaging and expertly review every 3D image:
Caroline Reich, M.D., Ph.D. has specialized in mammography since 1999 and exclusively focused on Women’s Imaging beginning in 2014.

Polly Anna Barlow, M.D. served as Assistant Professor of Breast Imaging at UAB School of Medicine until 2013 when she joined Women’s Imaging Associates.

Julia H. Morris, M.D. completed her Breast Imaging Fellowship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham before joining the faculty in the Breast Imaging Section. She now practices at Women’s Imaging Associates.

S. LeeAnn Denham, M.D. completed both her Diagnostic Radiology Residency and her Breast Imaging Fellowship at The University of Alabama at Birmingham; she joined Women’s Imaging Associates in 2018.

When it comes to your mammogram results, you’ll be grateful for the clear images captured by the 3D mammogram and the expert analysis these women provide.

Meet Dr. Reich and learn why there is no better place in the Jackson metro area to to have your mammogram.

3D mammograms bring you the clarity and peace of mind you deserve.  

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