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Since 1950, The Woman's Clinic has provided state of the art, high quality care in Jackson, Mississippi for women in a comfortable, private, and secure setting.

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The Heart of “The Change”

|   March 22, 2019   |   Menopause

Just like a menstrual cycle, menopause is associated with several annoying symptoms like hot flashes, irritability, and mood shifts. However, menopause carries more significant risks, specifically related to your heart. Learn how menopause affects the heart and vice versa.

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Defining Breast Cancer

|   March 15, 2019   |   Cancer, Mammograms

You may think you know what breast cancer is, but this one condition covers a myriad of terms, types, and classifications that are complicated to understand. Each of these refers to the quantity, size, spread, location, of cancerous cells and tumors.

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Does Your Diet Invite High Blood Pressure?

|   March 8, 2019   |   Nutrition

In most cases, women tend to view diets from the wrong perspective. Our diet can still be flavorful, but if we’re willing to make a few minor adjustments, we’ll see benefits in our own health as well as the health of our children.

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