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Since 1950, The Woman's Clinic has provided state of the art, high quality care in Jackson, Mississippi for women in a comfortable, private, and secure setting.

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Enjoy the Summer While Protecting Your Skin

|   May 21, 2018   |   Cancer

Do you remember your first sunburn? Not the one that turned your shoulders and your nose pink after an afternoon at the pool. The “I fell asleep while laying out at the beach and nobody woke me up to tell me to reapply my sunscreen” sunburn. 

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Four Steps to a Healthier You

|   May 14, 2018   |   Health & Wellness

Happy Mother’s Day from The Woman’s Clinic! If you’re a mom, we hope the weekend was relaxing and special. We know you work hard balancing work, family, and time for yourself (do you even remember what that’s really like?). Even if you’re not a mom, you know how easy it is to go through each week taking care of everything else but yourself.

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Be Aware of the Silent Killer

|   May 7, 2018   |   Heart Disease

In the state of Mississippi, 700,000 people have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and thousands more are at risk. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is one of the major risks of both heart disease and stroke.

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